Smart Documents for Smart Contracts

Add Immutable Signable Documents to your Smart Contracts

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This is super cool!

Austin Cain - Polygon

What you are building is super interesting. Congrats on being Finalists[HackFS]!

Simon Chamorro - Alliance DAO

I thought the Polydocs project for HackFS was pretty neat!

Sam Broner - Deal Team @a16z

This is such a really interesting primitive. Just being able to enforce conditions is a game changer.

Kartik Talwar - EthGlobal
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Intellectual Property Protection

Users sign NFT licenses using our Gas-Less service

Protect your IP

We understand IP protection and have tailored licenses for your use.

Immutable Proof of Signing

Decentralized Storage and Blockchain provide an Immutable and Deterministic proof that guarantees the acceptance of your terms.

User Experience

Gas-less signing massively improves your user's experience.

Protect IP
Customizable Signing Page
Easy to use

Customer Experience on Opensea

Seamless signing experience enables users agreeing to your terms before they can trade

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